Fishing the Grand River on a Canoe

Adventure On the Grand River

My latest adventure. Camping/fishing/canoeing the Grand. I love to get out and check out new places. This was no exception. A few friends and I booked a campsite at Brant Park. A quiet and well maintained park on the edge of the Grand River. Located just east of Brantford Ontario. 

A couple hour drive to our destination and a quick setup of our campsite. The relaxing and settling in began. We rode our bikes down to the river to cool down from the extreme summer temperatures. With a fishing rod and goggles in one hand and the handlebar in the other we made it to our first time viewing this section of the Grand River. A few unsuccessful casts of my fishing rod and the sweat beading into my eyes made the decision all to easy to stop fishing and jump right in. 

Grand River Sunset

 After a refreshing swim, the group settled in and the vibe shifted from a busy mindset of work and travel to a calm campsite, enjoying the moment. 

The usual camping vibe of casual drinks was disrupted in the best way possible by a friend in the group suggesting we have steaks for dinner and he is cooking them. What really peaked my interest was how. Four steaks on a metal tripod grill hanging over the fire. It was a delicious way to get into the spirit on the trip.

A warm morning set in as we lay sweating in our tents. A bike ride from camp to the river and a slow paced lunch before we could make up our mind for the day. The "camp vibe" truly set in. We rented a canoe from Grand River Rafting. Launching in the town of Paris Ontario down a steep embankment on the Nith River about 100 meters from the Grand. With no map of the river, we heard plenty of instructions for navigating the riverbed our "guide" who remained on shore. Which by the end of the river journey made for a funny moment of which side of the river we needed to be on during all obstacles. 

I loved every minute of it. The canoe is such a wonderful vessel. It gives opportunity to try new techniques of paddling. Encourages you to go the pace of the river and can allow you to drift along quietly not disturbing anything. Allowing great sightings of birds and turtles. Five hours later I had caught two Small Mouth Bass and quite the sunburn.

Canoeing down the Grand

After a full day outdoors the group opted for a dinner on a patio in Paris Ontario. We had an incredible rooftop view above our launch site hours earlier. After enjoying drinks and food we were happy to get back to the campsite to enjoy a night of quiet and respectful beer pong. After all every camper is looking for the same quiet connection with nature. 

A thunderstorm and a full rainday later we were happy to have gone on the trip and happy to get home. Make the most of the weather and make the most of your time outdoors. 

P.S. If you want to see more of the grand river canoe trip check out ancientxnature  on Youtube for the upcoming video.



Eric Lund

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