Get Outside In The New Year

Get Outside In The New Year

I want to make the most of this new year. I want to dream, plan, then execute adventures. Like most of us, my experiences during the year 2020 were not what I thought they would be. Much of my time was spent pacing indoors and searching google maps. Following rivers from easy road access points, searching for crown land with promise of blazing my own trail. Dreams as they are I want to make them reality. After spending so much time indoors I want to be out. Out of the house. Out in the world.

I intend to accomplish this in the new year. Plan big and plan small. Have a bag packed for when I’m finishing up a shift and can hit the river for a late night paddle or a fishing session. Have a weekend set aside each month to go on getaways to fuel the wild spirit that so many of us have. Take the freedom of planning my own long excursion from the location, the gear and the type of travel.

The old saying “ do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” has been on my mind. So I have started a passion project to help me get out and encourage others to do the same. Its an outdoor brand. It’s clothing, it’s videos, it’s writing. All to help me get out there.

So if anyone were to ask you what’s your new years resolution? Of course you can say to get healthier, happier, stronger. That is all good, I hope you achieve those. But if you want to do all three, I say make the decision to change your lifestyle. To get out, to live and to enjoy the natural world around you.

This project of mine is Ancient X Nature. I hope it encourages you to enjoy your lifestyle or change it for the better.


Eric Lund

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