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Perch Fishing For Ontario Residents- From Start To Finish | Catch and Cook

Why fish?

For inhabitants of Ontario, perch are one of those fish that may be found almost anywhere in the Great Lakes region. This is a must-do activity for those who live in city centres. It's a simple fish to catch, and it's even simpler to prepare and enjoy. To be clear, Ontario has "giant" perch, but perch are tiny fish. As a result, even a gigantic specimen of this delectable species is still a little fish.

The Initial Stages

You'll need to get a fishing licence first. The Ministry of Natural Resources may use this technology to collect information from you, educate you on fishing rules and regulations, and assure a well-managed resource while collecting cash to help safeguard it. You'll need to buy an Outdoors card first. You will be able to purchase a "Conservation or Sport" licence for one or three calendar years using this. There is no discount for purchasing several years, so if you aren't planning on becoming a serious fisherman, I recommend getting a 1-year conservation licence, which is less expensive and has a smaller bag limit.


It's time to start thinking about gear when you've finished your registrations and licences. This is one species where you can get away with catching them with almost anything. I recommend looking through a relative's garage for an old fishing rod or keeping an eye out for a rod and tackle sale at a big box shop. The pickerel rig is the go-to approach for beginner anglers when it comes to capturing perch and pretty much anything else. It's a pre-tied leader that you attach to your current line with a clip and a knot. Two hooks with some line and a loop, as well as a weight, are included in this package. To connect the main line, just run the hook through the loop.The final piece of the jigsaw is to go out and get a few worms or purchase a container of them from a bait shop or convenience store.

How and Where

This is a topic that fisherman are continually debating. It might be because they wish to keep "their" places a secret, or because catching fish there is more difficult at certain times of the year. So, unless you already own a boat or intend to buy one, I recommend checking out marinas, wharfs, and docks. Verify you're not infringing on private land; if everything seems fine, you're ready to begin fishing. The pickerel rig is a fishing technique that allows you to sit back and relax. Use a piece of worm to bait your hooks.Allow the weight to fall, then close the bail and reel in the line until it is taut. The key is to keep the weight in one place and the line straight. With a taut line, you'll be able to detect fish nibbles and reel them in accordingly. Keeping an eye on the tip of the rod will alert you to any fish that are eating the bait. The more time you spend fishing, the better you will be at recognizing bites.


So, presuming you had a great day perch fishing for the first time, you'll have a full bucket of 10 jumbos ready to eat. With my daily catch, I have a few go-to dishes. They're simple to prepare and assemble.

  • Fish Tacos
  • Fish and Chips
  • Seared Fish with a Salad

Fish Tacos

This is a must-try. Make sure you have all of your favourite toppings on hand. Lettuce, tomatoes, and jalapeños, chopped. I like to make a sour cream and mayonnaise sauce. Garnish with cilantro leaves, chilli powder, lime, dill, and oregano, as well as whatever else you think it needs. When I'm feeling skilled in the kitchen, I love to create my own tortillas from scratch. Place all of your toppings on a hot tortilla, then place the fillet in the centre and drizzle with sauce. That's it; there's nothing else to do but crack a cold one because you might as well be on island time.

Fish and Chips

Season your perch fillets with salt and pepper once they've been cleaned. I put flour in a resealable bag and toss the fillets in it. I place the fillets in a jar with a whisked egg and some water once they have a thin covering. The last layer of breadcrumbs and seasonings will stick to the fillets and keep firm while cooking thanks to this egg coating. This goes great with your favourite homemade wedges or fries. Why meddle with a tried-and-true formula? This lunch should convert any sceptic into a willing participant. Even if they don't like fishing, I don't think this menu item will turn many heads.

In a salad, Seared

This is always a fun idea to consider. In a skillet, sear the perch fillets in olive oil. Put carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions go into a garden salad. To thicken the meal, I like to add some chopped walnuts and dress it with a vinaigrette.


If you've made it this far, it's time to head out and try your hand at perch fishing. This daytime feeder is a fish that is both enjoyable and inexpensive to catch. You won't need any high-priced equipment. It doesn't take hours of reconnaissance to figure out where to fish, and cleaning and cooking it doesn't require a culinary degree.

I hope you'll be inspired to attempt something new after reading this blog. But, most significantly, it's another way to get you outside.


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